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We help aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their potential and create a bigger impact by fundraising for them

A car can’t run on an empty tank, and neither can a start-up. We provide consummate educational and consulting solutions to prepare founders for fundraising and raise more money.

Our services

There is no better day than today to start fundraising


We will get your storyline in order, review and finalize your pitch deck, business plan, financial projections, and prepare your start-up for fundraising.

One-on-one sessions

After initial assessment, our team will come up with the best game plan for your start-up. We will advise you on financial planning, business management, and strategy development.


Once you are ready, we will launch your fundraising campaign and handle the initial communication with investors. Sominder will take over as your head of investor relations, and we will stick by your side until Series A round.


Founder of Spomotion

"Sominder is the perfect IR for motivated and goal-oriented founders, his honesty, competence and attitude are remarkable. He supports the startup with experience, know-how and contacts, his concern is the common success. The most important thing for us at Spomotion is a competent base for the future, so I am grateful to have Sominder on board."


Founder of Vriendly

"I have been working with Sominder for a couple of months now, and so far the experience is extraordinary. The level of focus and commitment pushes the startup founders to work hard. Furthermore, the support does not end in fundraising process but also contains professional human interaction which I think is super important while building the company."


Founder of Theraply

"Sominder has proved essential in starting and growing my business. Using his business knowledge, we have received funding, grown the team, and continue to go in the right direction for success."


Founder of BodyFly Fitness

"It is rare that you find someone willing to put the horse before the carriage when it comes to helping others achieve their goals. Sominder’s approach of “your success equals our success” is rare to find. We are grateful and honored to have someone as passionate, funny and caring on our team to advise and help us achieve our companies vision."

Samsher Singh

Founder of Locumotive

"Sominder came recommended to us. He instantly understood the business and the next step which we need to take to grow the business. This gave us the confidence to work alongside him."

"The poor stay poor not because they are lazy, but because they don't have access to capital."

- Milton Friedman, American economist

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Have any questions?

How can an Estonian service company help a US-based initiative raise funds?

We live in a global economy and the internet has made it easy to connect with people all around the world. Money knows no nationality or borders.

Where are the investors from?

We have a network of 5,000+ investors: 800 in North America, the rest divided between Europe, Asia and Australia. Around 4,000 are angel investors with a ticket size of about 50-200K, others are VCs, Family Offices and HNWIs.

What is your minimum investment?

There is no such thing as minimum investment, the amount depends on how much you believe in your startup. We prefer to fundraise for a burnout of 18 months.

Why do you work with start-ups?

We want to create a bigger impact in the world, introduce your product or service to a larger audience, and generate profit in the meantime.

What types of start-ups do you work with?

We work with start-ups that have strong founders and an excellent product/idea with the potential to expand globally.

Are there specific industries or products you focus on?

Our focus is on early-stage start-ups. Although we enjoy working with tech companies, we don’t shun traditional businesses with a potential to expand globally.

Is my start-up ready to fundraise?

You will be surprised at what level some founders have raised money. Some investors can invest pre-seed when an idea is not even developed yet.